Business Associates

We are associated with some of the finest professionals from every field required for our clients so that once any client does not have to worry about the services required by them.

Senior Bankers

CA. Bhandari Jain & Co has gained experience of dealing with several banks and their top level managers. CA.Samkit Bhandari is in good terms with various bankers which inturn is an asset for the firm.


Our architect is trained in the planning, design and oversight of the construction of building. Our architect is well equipped with the whole team of civil constructions having a wide experience behind him.


For the convenience of our clients we have tie-ups with various professional lawyers for assistance in legal matters.


For valuation of securities and properties we provide the facility of valuation by authorized and capable architects, valuers and engineers so that the process of valuation is completed comfortably without any hindrance to our working.

Secretarial Services

The outdated notion of a secretary taking notes from the employer is no longer valid in today's demanding business world. More than likely the person performing these tasks will have a business degree and will see the secretarial role as a major stepping stone in their career to other jobs. Our firm is associated with various company secretaries since a long period of time and we are well experienced in matters relating to Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Registrar of Companies and are providing services to our clients in these areas also.